Friday, 24 September 2021

Workshop on Capture-Mark-Recapture analysis 2021!

We open the subscriptions to the workshop on Capture-Mark-Recapture analyses.

Photo: J Atero
Two CMR courses in a row:
1 - Introductory course (23-26 November, 15 places)
2 - Multievent course (29 November - 1 December, 15 places).
Pick up your level or join both !!! 

More information here

This introductory course aims to introduce students, researchers and environmental managers to the theory and practical aspects of the analysis of capture-mark-recapture and –recovery data to estimate survival, recruitment and dispersal probabilities. The course is based on theoretical classes as well as practical sessions with real and simulated data. The format of the course will be a combination of lectures and computer lab exercises with programs MARK, U-CARE and R (optional). No previous knowledge of these programs is needed.

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This course aims to provide participants with a solid background in the theory and practices of capture-recapture analysis with a specific emphasis on multievent data and models. Multievent models are a natural generalization of the multisite models. Contrary to multisite models, the uncertainty in sate assessment such as breeder, diseased, causes of death or capture heterogeneity can be incorporated into the analysis. They can be used to address fine questions on epidemiology, conservation and hidden biological processes. The format of the workshop will be a combination of lectures and computer lab exercises with the programs E-SURGE (or R2ESURGE) and U-CARE. No previous knowledge is needed although experience with CMR data and R-programming will be useful.

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